Monday, March 16, 2009

(s)nippet masala

My head feels better now, albeit a tad too heavy...
So i'll just go ahead and start talking...
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Notes made over the past few weeks:
-YouTube has no real Oswald videos!!! (Yeah, the blue octopus from Tiny TV)
-This country has no hope. If you try and correct someone for something they did wrong, they ask you to "thika mucchu" and go home.
-Vodafone Chhota Credit is robbing me of my secret under-the-pillow 10 Rupee notes that I keep "for emergencies only"!
-Your nose will always itch after you've put your hands into the gooey chapati dough.
-India, broadly, has two kinds of people: The uneducated/uncultured people with money/power. And the educated/cultured people with no money/power.
-I decided that I should have decided to be a world class chef when I was 8.
-You will always get what you want; but never quite when you want it.

"We don't talk often, because well... we cant.
I'm feeling the distance sink in, which is not good.
Things are a bit strained; and I'd be over the moon if he thinks otherwise.
I wait for him to appear online for about 26 hours a day & that probably freaks him out.
It sure tires me.
Would be nice if he'd call someday."

I collected 1,200 fucking bucks for those shoes I've wanted for weeks now.
They're out of stock. At all three fucking stores...

a haircut gone wrong
cash on hand


an empty mailbox

tighter curfew

wow. life just keeps getting... more interesting.

-From this movie called Notting Hill:
"...the more I think about things, the more I see no rhyme or reason in life.
No one knows why some things work out and some things don't; why some of us get lucky and some of us... (get fired...)"

Parting shot:
I'm not a lazy blogger! Please don't delete me from your reader yet!
Lots of blog action promised for April!
(please say "Yayyy!" and clap now)