Monday, March 16, 2009

(s)nippet masala

My head feels better now, albeit a tad too heavy...
So i'll just go ahead and start talking...
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Notes made over the past few weeks:
-YouTube has no real Oswald videos!!! (Yeah, the blue octopus from Tiny TV)
-This country has no hope. If you try and correct someone for something they did wrong, they ask you to "thika mucchu" and go home.
-Vodafone Chhota Credit is robbing me of my secret under-the-pillow 10 Rupee notes that I keep "for emergencies only"!
-Your nose will always itch after you've put your hands into the gooey chapati dough.
-India, broadly, has two kinds of people: The uneducated/uncultured people with money/power. And the educated/cultured people with no money/power.
-I decided that I should have decided to be a world class chef when I was 8.
-You will always get what you want; but never quite when you want it.

"We don't talk often, because well... we cant.
I'm feeling the distance sink in, which is not good.
Things are a bit strained; and I'd be over the moon if he thinks otherwise.
I wait for him to appear online for about 26 hours a day & that probably freaks him out.
It sure tires me.
Would be nice if he'd call someday."

I collected 1,200 fucking bucks for those shoes I've wanted for weeks now.
They're out of stock. At all three fucking stores...

a haircut gone wrong
cash on hand


an empty mailbox

tighter curfew

wow. life just keeps getting... more interesting.

-From this movie called Notting Hill:
"...the more I think about things, the more I see no rhyme or reason in life.
No one knows why some things work out and some things don't; why some of us get lucky and some of us... (get fired...)"

Parting shot:
I'm not a lazy blogger! Please don't delete me from your reader yet!
Lots of blog action promised for April!
(please say "Yayyy!" and clap now)


  1. Yay!!! (thunderous clapping noise)

  2. Rahul and G: Thanks for making my day, every blog-post-day :) :)

  3. Those shoes look awesome. I mean the ones on top.

    BTW, what does "thika mucchu" mean? It sounds Spanish. The Mexican Spanish. Like burrito and amigo and mucho gracias.

  4. Converse All Star! Nice aren't they? :D

    and "thika mucchu", my red-blooded friend, literally translates into like "cork your hole" or "shut your fucking asshole" and such :|

    This motherfucker was causing a HUGE jam and when i asked him why he was on a "no entry" lane, he told me to "thika mucchu and get going"

    wow, isnt it? :|

  5. Haha. Yeah, that was pretty weird. It's good I don't drive yet. If it had been me, I'd probably have called his mom a wanker, slammed my car into him, and then drive away as though nothing happened. Hmm.

    But, what language is it? It doesn't sound like it's Hindi. Or Urdu, for that matter. But, then again, I might be wrong, my knowledge in these two languages are very limited.

  6. Yeah calling his mum a wanker would have probably left me with broken limbs... Hmph!

    and those two words are Kannada... Its the language we speak here in Bangalore :)

    And... If i may ask, whats your connection with India, if there's one...?
    'cuz every now and again i get a feeling that there is one...

  7. Not a connection with India. I grew up in Dubai, meaning a majority of my friends were Indian, Paki or Arabs. Naturally, I picked up bits and pieces of Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.

  8. oh so that's how its is... hmmm...

  9. Thought i'd check out the other side of the rainbow. I like your style.. um, 'til I actually have something to say then?

  10. world class chef?
    were u thinkin of mass murdering? :P

  11. mass murdering? not really.... but serial killings, yeah :P

  12. lol! grt post as usual!:)
    n marijuana? i want details gurl1!!! ryt now! :)

  13. hey apeksha!!ur blog rocks man!!
    fuck is so awesum..
    way to go gurl! =)

  14. I dont know how I stumbled across this blog.. but I'm jolly glad I did.. amazing writing!! keep up the good work.. this is going into my blog list!


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