Sunday, August 24, 2008

24 hours ago...

i did not think I was gonna have the worst body ache of my life.
i did not imagine I'd have 34 bleeding cuts on my body.
it did not seem possible for drunk people to be climbing the hugest hills of Ramnagar.
i did not really believe that sometimes, some people are destined to meet each other.
.....or that an ordinary Indian three wheeler can accommodate 16 ppl & still move!
and 24 hours ago i definitely did not think that i was going to go out there n live the maddest day of my life.

And all it took for me to get up today morning n say "pinch me!" was cameras, camcorders, a lot of booze, and my best friends... (oh by the way, they're all gonna be famous soon n guess who'll have all 7 autographs? :P)
Each minute, each laugh out loud moment, each revelation & every photograph taken on 23rd august 2008, from 9 am to 9 pm, will be very close to my heart, forever.

If this post is making any sense to you, you were there with me.
If you weren't there with us, then i don't expect you to understand anything.

Guys, here's to the many more CRAZY outings yet to come.

Friday, August 22, 2008

life eeje hard.

Its one of those times when you wanna pull your hair out in frustration. I'm sure you'll agree stuff like this happens to a lot of us, a lot of times.

Say you are walking your dog. and then you catch this good looking guy or girl looking down the apartment window n right at you. You're just about to fly without wings when your dog starts revolving in crazy little circles n poops! a lot! right then n there! damn!
& next thing you know, there's no face behind that window anymore... :(

Pissing off isn't it? that whenever you trip & fall down embarrassingly, there are always some people looking!
(and psst! where are these people when I'm sashaying around in my 4 inch stilettos, as if I was born on heels!)

Ladies, isn't it funny that you're boyfriend decides he wants to meet you on the exact same day you were thinking "man! I gotta go get my arms waxed"!

Remember one super rare occasion when you did manage to get to class, and the teacher just didnt take attendance? remember you going "what the fuck!!"?
the funny bit is, each time you miss class due to reasons however genuine, they just do not forget the "shh! answer your attendance now" drill.

Why is it that when you've just had a painful break up, you're family members decide its time to go out for some quality time!! i mean at that moment all you want is your space! and come on, all these years they hardly noticed you ricocheting off the walls due to hyper enthusiasm at the thought of an "impromptu family get together" or that "weekend getaway to coorg"!

Whew... and the last straw is when you have been waiting for an extra special day - say someone's birthday, a long overdue reunion, a special photo shoot, a special anniversary first day of work- anything, and on the d-day this huge, ugly, zit shows up right in the middle of your face! don't you just feel like "where were you all these days bitch?? why today??"
What's worse, it makes no effort to get overshadowed by strands of hair or concealer or even that striking shade of lipstick!

well... what are you gonna do?
just gotta face it sometimes.
life, after all, is hard!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love:

Google doodles!
writing with my left hand.
end of season sale, anywhere.
"Showtime presents DEXTER" \m/
catching a movie first day first show.
baby animals- my heart melts!
sitting under "the tree" with my best friends.
the colour purple.
eating complan. straight out of the packet! yum!
happy endings.
this song called "Punjab" by Karunesh.
pon and zi (by azuzephre)
Bangalore city.
getting a new haircut! :D
remembering the past and wishing i could find life's "rewind button".
sweet nothings.
Alliance Francaise, Bangalore :) :)
Calvin and Hobbes :')
smell of freshly cut capsicum.
Om beach, Gokarna.
kal ho na ho.
collecting small, random, shiny, weird things.
eating pani puri when its raining.
getting tickled.
corner house ice creams!
talking on the phone.
talking, period. i cannot shut up for nuts!
playing cupid.
warli art
sounds of superbikes revving
babies (that cant walk or talk).
Pav bhaji, chole bhature, butter chicken- the real Punjabi deal.
geeks <3
dark, chilly, misty mornings.

and... each second of the life I'm living life (mishaps and all).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the awakening...

Again i had dozed off while on the phone. Again it had rained all night. And again the alarm had gone off at 6.30... I did NOT want to get up but thinking of that corset I'd be wearin if I were thinner, I got up and was trudging away.
After a couple of hundred meters, I was still drowsy. I was in no mood to jog, so instead of just sitting there n turning into a fossil or something I bought a copy of the Sunday Times from corner manju's store. I reached the park facing the apartment I used to live before in and grabbed a bench... Right at the end, i saw Pinto uncle. A lot of other people had gathered. it must have been the residents' monthly meeting.
An explosion of articles+photographs+tributes+Jai Hinds told me it was Independence day ka eve. The street just off the park got a little noisy. I saw a bunch of people setting up what looked like makeshift classroom. Probably some NGO activity. Nice.
I continued reading all the glorified stuff that was written in the paper and random thoughts started crossing my mind... "when i die, will more than 50 people even know ?"
The sun was in no mood to get out. It still felt like six thirty, an hour later.
Then two girls walked past me, wearing 'Teach India' sweatshirts.
And then, it happened. As i sat there, I had realised something. I couldn't believe it had taken me that long! I sat up. Suddenly all else was erased from my mind! I wasn't just going to sit there anymore. I got up, took a nice deep breath. Two seconds later i was on my feet ready to jog. well, I had to start somewhere.
Was this my wake up call? i was finally getting over trivial things like shopping n clubbing to have look at "the bigger picture"? Did the need to be a little more than just "apeksha rao" get the better of me?


I had spotted an extremely good looking hunk in the park. He had just started jogging.
and WOW! White was his colour!

the new beginning which totally sucked!

And so, without having any idea of what i was signing up for, i had done it. felt like a hundred signatures; across my photographs and all. a couple of hours more of waiting in that very dead looking office and - voila! it was official.
i admit, it did feel nice telling people "electronics n communication.. first sem"
but for the rest of the freshers at ambedkar institute of technology, nearly 1 month of classes were over...

question: how was I ever gonna catch up? & find people like me and have a blast? ummm...

DAY 1: I'm pretty sure i must've screamed wen i entered "my classroom". ( it wasn't one.) i was also pretty sure no one noticed me walking into it n sitting down. wow.

the boys were very very quiet compared to their jain college or VIPS or anywhere else's counterparts... sigh! i mean "hello?? wake up people!"
and the girls were going on n on about "internals" and "gaalipata" n "uniform measurement" n things tat dint quite make sense to me.
the answer to question above: NEVVVVER!
and slowly, disappointment replaced each bit of enthusiasm in me. what followed was a series of lectures where ppl dint even attempt to defy the "maintain silently in the class i say" dialogues (check out the molestation of english here), some terrible lunches, and some of the most boring days of my life.

that weekend i was sadder than ever. I was sitting alone in purple haze, handcuffed, and my glass of whisky had fallen dramatically off the table. it was getting a little difficult breathe. i had a few electronics n calculus books in front of me. and then i saw the gaalipata girls from class, drinking tender coconut at a far end. "huh what the fuck??" and then i saw them. two people were coming towards me with something in their hands. it was a book. and it was blue.
and bang in the middle was written in red ink "0/25" - thrice over! next thing i knew they were dragging me away to some village... my cell phone slipped out of my pocket. i couldn't grab it! it was gone! my friends from school n college were sitting in the most comfortable couches n i was being taken away!
i was losing my mind. i saw a milestone. "JP club ----- 2 rms away." it said. it was now or never. with all the strength inside me, i tried to break free.

i felt a jolt!

uh-uh! no, i did not fall off the bed. ( 'cause that would be way too cliche, wudnnit? :P)
With cold, trembling hands i reached for my phone somewhere under my pillow n realised it was just 5 in the morning. thanking the heavens above, i went back to a couple of hours more of sleep.

And in any case, i had to go & live this nightmare again, starting 9 am.
Saturday was far, far away.