Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today's Special

Since the truly shocking and untimely passing of Cory Monteith (the total cutie from Glee who wowed me with his guts to carry on dancing the way he did) his on-and-off girlfriend and his on-and-on screen co-star, Lea Michelle, has had a lot to deal with. She is reported as seeking solace in some old-school therapy that has stood the test of time and helped heal many a broken heart. 
Recent Hollywood snapshots reveal Lea Michelle sporting a blonde mane and fuller cheeks. Definitely fuller.
"She is dealing with a lot right now and this treatment is definitely helping her cope" said Ben N. Jerry - her family friend and long-time therapist.

Well, the picture is more than telling of just how much her coping method has helped her. I don't know about her anguished soul, but am pretty damn sure that this treatment will help her never break her bones, ever, courtesy the cushioning effect of all that.. well.. cushioning.
"She's going to bounce back, strongly" quipped Dr. Jerry.

Congratulations. Your troll-fest ends here. Lea Michelle?! The girl in the picture is Rebel Wilson. Australian funny girl who loves to tickle those ribs.

Reader (gasping to self): "Shit isn't that Lea Michelle? Fuck, it's not?? I swear I thought it was her for a second. Poop. Trolled."

 Seriously though? You didn't even call this bluff when I said Dr. "Ben N Jerry"? Pfft!

Moral of the Story: The world wide web is gaining infamy for trolling innocent netizens... I hope you have the strength and courage to get through it when it comes to getcha. Amen. 

* * *

Dear Readers, 
I'm in the middle of overhauling my blog.
Patience, oodles of support and comments needed.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Itchy and Scratchy

Not these guys.

I'm all itchy.

My blogger's itch kicks in at the random-est of times. Seriously.

I am at my workstation trying to brush up on Instructional Design Theory for a new project at work. The Global Delivery Director sits across the desk from me. I have a deadline on at least two sets of PPTs that I have to send out to the Graphics team before it is proofread (by who else but Yours truly) and declared "good-to-go".

Yet at such a critical time my fingers have decided to start twisting backwards and the voice in my head is telling me to sign in to my page and broadcast to the world the goings-on of my life.

I had the full weekend to myself. Not fighting with the hubby-bi *for once*. A super-stable internet connection was in place. The weather had been conducive and the only laptop at home was just lying there - as free as the second pizza from Domino's on a Wednesday night. Still, somehow, the thought of blogging was on holiday then...

And even though today, at work, it will take me upwards of 60 minutes to type, edit and publish a new post
I slyly, compulsively open an incognito window and start to type.

The swiftly approaching deadline rears its ugly head at me in the form of a fugggly Post-it, fluttering gently while I am gazing at nothing-in-particular at mid-distance...
What will become of me today?

This out of the blue itch to update my blog is not just today, by the way:

1. While commuting to work on Bangalore's very bumpy roads - bumpy enough to rattle the thoughts around in my head
2. At the bar having a good time with friends...
3. Every single time I am without pen, paper or phone
4. Never mind where else

The coolest blog ideas come to me when I can't do a damned thing about it. I try hard to hold on to them, saying to myself all the while "do not let go of these words; hang on to these thoughts; they will make you rich and famous" but even before the flushing noise stops, they are just gone.
Fleeting thoughts... gone... words... puns... all gone.
Shreds and bits of comprehension that torture me for days to take shape... Never quite return to Momma.

Which is why today I am putting an end to all the missed opportunities and just doing the deed of blogging, yaaron.

But hang on, somewhere in the middle of all the cool YouTube videos I was going to tell you guys about... My brain latched onto thoughts about the time when I celebrated my blog's first birthday right here...and the times when I used to deck up this very webpage in Christmas-ey colours come December and go mad with it during Diwali... Oh and the constant bimbette bashing.... I remember how religiously I would update the Poll questions and my "Currently Lusting Over" section, over on the right hand side here (on the right a couple of scrolls up)... And the good amount of responses too... 

Sigh this blog was sooooo very special to me.
Still is... it kills me that I have no time for it anymore.

Maybe this is precisely why I start turking during office hours and around important exams etc. and suddenly there's a new blog post. I'm going to call this my Blog-stagnation Defense Mechanism. Voila!

"Just let it happen, my friend" said Charles Backes said so famously in his times.

OK this long-winded story is almost over - patience.
And no, I'm not exactly going anywhere with this.

#reflecting upon the #sillyteenagedme

I went back and read some of my old posts - my pride, joy etc.
I sound like a struggling-with-her-teens girl confused in life and on periods for approximately 6 months straight. Eeeep.
A whiny ranter.
That wasn't me.
Fuck no.

After feeling sufficiently awkward for a while, I realise that this blog is a fully custom growth chart! Of sorts.
For me to go back and see who I was at a given point in the space-time coordinate system thingy. (Digression Alert: I don't even know whether the usage is correct, but "space-time coordinates" sounds so nerdy and oh-so-sexy at the same time that I'm wetter than Craig Kieswetter's last name right now.) To see what I was like, what my world was about... and such... And the smile that accompanies the sudden recall of a nearly-forgotten memory....  is quite worth it.
Hmm. I need to post more often.
So a couple of years down the line (if not now) I can finally decide whether referring to the man I married as "Hubby-bi" sounds more wrong than The Cap'n or vice-versa.

Just wondering... what are other personalised  life-o-meters (if you will) available to show you how much you've sort of changed over the years?
If you unintelligently said "photographs, duh" I'm going to laugh out loud, you know it.
Yes Sherlock, something with more dimensions than 2.

If however you Googled Charles Backes (from a short while ago), I have just one thing to say to you.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Because "Hole-mates" is a creepy title

I have TB. No, not the chronic-cough-with-blood-tinged-sputum-clogging-my-lungs kind. God, no.
I'll go again.
I have a TB. Tiny Bladder.
And this condition led me to stumble across an earth-shattering discovery.

I think, by some permutation and combination in nature, there comes to exist, for each one of us, what I like to call a bladder-mate.

And I have found mine.

It's true.
I joined this new workplace - little over 3 months ago. The building is designed all funny.
There is *one*  restroom for ALL the women. Albeit its huge and pretty, it's just the one.
There's about three different offices here in our building - ours, one other and a Tommy Hilfiger design studio.

In the last three months, every time I have had to pee-pee, I have rushed out the office, into the restroom and come to a dead halt just at the sign reminding everyone that behind that door lies a place where "Women" could walk in and relieve themselves in order to be able to breathe again without wetting their trousers and DEFINITELY NOT for twisting over in agony and letting it all go right there. Of the latter happening, there was the more chance.

It was one balmy Thursday. Waiting outside the girls' room, I was pacifying my fully full bladder screaming inconsolably like a baby that hasn't been changed in hours. And then it happened. My mystery loo-occupier stepped out. I barely registered her face and dashed in. After a mighty deluge, my brain started working. She was cute. And taaaaaallllllll. Probably Delhi chick.

Three times over the next three days, she was in there before I. Three times over the next five days I stepped out of the loo and found myself staring straight at her. It's never, ever anyone else, damnit. *how the fuck?*

Then there's that mischievous 'it's-you-again look' she gives me with a smile.
Why does she give me that mischievous 'it's-you-again look' with a smile?
Oh my god, I think I have a girl crush on her. It's either that or the exotic fruity-floral perfume she floods the chamber with.

I was so weirded out about how this could keep happening. One day, as she stepped out the main door just as I was stepping in, I said to her with an incredible smirk "Our urinary bladders are in perfect sync!"

What I'd said to her actually sounded like "aahr urhyjry blahdeh byahin puffit sink!"
I know this because it rang in my head three and a half times after.
That perfume again.

After this, nearly every single time I have randomly wandered off to the loo - sometimes idly replying to a flood of texts, other times racking my brains for a presentation idea - I have always - surely and without a miss - had to get past her.
I didn't dare say anything smart-ass about our chance encounters EVER again though.

The days she isn't in though [and I know this because a pervy colleague knows exactly where her desk is in her office and keeps track of her attendance] I have never had to wait out. A free pass. The restroom door is ajar... waiting, for me to step right in and take care of business as usual.

If this was NOT the "toilet"and we weren't both women, it would've made a rather cute how-I-met-your-mum-kinda-story to tell the kids.

But the fact remains that even with the "toilet" and the homosexual equation, it is still better than the story of How I Met Your Mother.

All this wee-wee talk has made my bladder full. No worries though.
The pervy colleague struck again.
She isn't in today, it seems, so I can hold it in till it gets real bad.

Erm and while still on the topic, what the fuck is this ridiculousness?

I cannot get over the product title to even consider what the bleddy instruction booklet might look like. Bwaaaahahahahaha!

But seriously, #weird.