Friday, February 27, 2009

Gone fishin'

1. a picture or description, ludicrously exaggerating the peculiarities or features of a person's face.

I recently had an artist draw mine... And I'm not complaining.

children of bodom.
zener diode.



Allow me, the blissfully ignorant one, to share some gyan with you:
* Don't ever wish that you could go back in time to change something that happened. Because hey, you are going back in time right? You cant go bac
k back any smarter than you already were. Whats worse... you'll have to live it all again.
*Your boyfriend isn't shallow; you are probably looking like a garbage can. Just check.
*Take a bleeding heart and throw in a thesaurus; you now have a poet!
*Life is entertainment like no other. Just grab your pop corn and sit back.
*When your girlfriend has no currency to text message for two weeks straight; you're on your way to getting dumped.
*Save water. Shower with your neighbour. Don't shower.
*On a bad hair/face/ass day, smoke half a pack of cigarettes.
Works like magic.
* If you do not generally laugh when someone farts; you need immediate help.

I'm not doing very well, thank you.

i BLEW my chances of getting the Carlsberg Beer promotion happening all over town.
i have broken my glasses, again.
is it ok to feel vomit-y for 48 hours+ ?
is it
not ok to lie down and have dinner?
i'm sick of this sweltering weather.

approximately 40% of the girls in Bangalore need to go get a life.
will you take me home?
I said "NO" to beer yesterday!!

Hence proved.

You see, i'm feeling a bit retarded.
I need to pull myself together... you know... get my act right.

So i'm off...

Leaving you here with...!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

abandon my agony

The night is dying
soon the sun will knock on my door
I reach for you again...
Want to touch you one last time...
knowing too well
that this dream will end, as dawn breaks...

Often, the morning breeze bothers me.
When "sweet nothings" become literally that,
is it too late to try and make things better?
Where is the sense in holding tight
when you've let go?

Once there was you
then you took my hand
and when we both sang
it felt like... living...

When summer ended
it snatched you away...
The fireplace just doesn't help anymore
& I've never been one to borrow a shoulder...
Its winter when you're away.
but its winter either way,
stone cold that you are...

How will speaking softly help?
You are scared as hell/that's how it seems.
You don't want the whole world knowing,
and say "not just yet..." but i know what that means.

And then there was me,
talking a lot
and walking the talk,
from a distance, of course...
...until the day
i stumbled...

lying here, chagrined, is painful...
there's a storm... in my head...
and a heart that aches...

but something isn't right...
it's you and me we're talking about here...
did i not tell you?
did i not promise?

Don't let go...
"not just yet" and you know what I mean...
make it worth the battles I've fought...
make it worth all those tears...
every night, ever since...

Redeem me of the pain...
take my hand and save my life...

*Title inspired by name of Bangalore based death metal band Abandoned Agony.