Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hugs: work!

One of my favourite things to do, on this day of the year, is watch this movie:

I love it. The story touches on the over commercialization of Christmas, and serves to remind viewers of the true meaning of Christmas, in signature Peanuts' style.
And elsewhere a certain Miss Sinha says:
"From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it. :P"
Would love to see these two, taking on each other. Ahem.

Yes people, hugs really work! (Pssst! thank you Rahul Nair)

"Don't worry, things will fall into place... Just relax." was definitely on top of my "lines that annoy me" list. Definitely, until yesterday.

Things are falling into place...
*For starters I got my hall ticket! YES! xD
Not one hitch, not one problem, no comments by evil HOD, no questions asked. Wow.
* I am not going to be alone tomorrow after all!
Camel sent me this: "any problem if we guys drop in tomorrow?"
(uh well its called an SMS... and sometimes it can make your day!)
* I realised that you guys wont run away 'cause of my constant ranting... thanks tonnes for that! :D
* What's more... a good friend of mine has flown down from erm... the windy city... it'll be super good to catch up with him! lookin' forward :)

Hey... Its almost 9 now...
I'm way happier than I thought I would be. Hope there's coke in the fridge though.

So here's me... sitting... (still) praying for world peace & harmony. Less corruption and more educated politicians, closer home and a piece of George Clooney for me :D
In the tatkal quota, here's praying the best, for all my dost log.

And you, reading this blog, a BIG thank you for the brilliant display of tolerance :)
(I will test it a teeny bit more though)

have you seen an interesting video today? no? hit the link below:

and now....

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wanted: Hugs.

I think I've got the blues. x(

Before I ring in the new year in style/drunk/at home in shorts, alone; the following things might happen, not leaving me amused:
* i might not get my hall ticket for unexplainable reasons. I mean trustees, donation, and some stupid confusion. You don't want to know. I hate the college I'm "in".
* i might get the hall ticket and flunk all subjects. I mean who am i kidding? I don't even have the text books.
* i might be home alone on Christmas while the rest of my family members shop till they drop in Mumbai. *sighs* I love my pet too much to leave him and go away.
* i might put on so much weight that people mistake me for my mum! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
* i might HATE my new hairdo AFTER I get it! X(
* i might never learn to shut up!
* you guys might stop reading my blog because all I do here is crib and cry and rant and blogitomise the pessimist. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dear God,
Give me strength in these troubled times. Help me, as i have no one else to plead to.

While you are at it, please let me find out that Charles Henry Harrod was my great great great great grandfather.
What? Come on God! George Clooney at my door at least

tch tch! i SO need a hug *sniff*
Hey, pillow... C'mere...

Oh! Speaking of blues, i'm leaving you with this:

( rotflol! An Obama supporter that I am, I just cant help but applaud the folks at MAD for coming up with funny stuff ALL the fucking time!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

All done!

first thing: I never imagined my blog in this avtaar... all the same, i love it... Its looking all pretty and Christmas-ey! :)

firster thing: Christmas! less than 10 days to go!

No. I'm not Christian (and while we're at it, I'm not a Mangalorean and NOT from Andhra either.) but there's something about the-last-week-of-december that makes me super happy!

Maybe its all those colours... Maybe all those lights... Presents? umm... Wine? Wine? Wine.
or... is it all the hype? Bingo!
I mean its the one day in the year I see my Dad actually livin' it up! :p
Christmas in as many words i can think of: Here it go!
Marshmallows, candy canes, stockings, Santa! christmas cake, tinsel, christmas trees, chimneys, decorations, baubles, angels, miseltoe, presents, fancy fireplace, happiness, wrapping paper, red+ green+gold, stars, warm woolies, ugg boots, christmas carols, family, turkey and roast potaoes, gravy, christmas pudding and snow...

Pity it doesn't snow here though... :(
Which reminds me, my sister's passport arrived, taking us one step closer to the white, snowy Christmas me and mum keep dreaming of... :D
aah! more dreams and schemes later...

Second thing: Someone pointed out to me recently, that there has been a more-than-subtle change in my newer posts, in terms of content...
She said that reading my blog now feels like reading someone's diary...
(are you kidding me?! i LOVE reading people's diaries! :P by accident of course!)
So I just want to tell her that more old-school posts coming up... Promise. 0:)
But only in January as I have some serious shopping/partying/holidaying to do! :D

Last thing: I was quite sick, the past couple of days. I've even recovered from the horrible back injury... So now I'm done blowing my nose and taking paracetamol for the year. Any alcohol going down my throat, now onwards, will not be in the form of cough syrup.

And now its time for- drumroll, please- My Random Rants!
*My old man couriered home a box of chocolates... again! cute or what? xD awww dad!
* 100 free sms are not enough. How many people am I messaging? Where is all my currency going?! HELLO?! Calls to Ireland: 9.5 bucks a minute! jeez!
*This one occurred to me while watering the plants last night: Cannot believe that ONCE i used to say things like hero pen and homework or shut your gob or ditcher & yeah, this one makes me laugh - geometry box... I mean just 4 years ago "Saturdays" still meant white uniform and Mass PT... Good old days or something they say....
* What is to food as masturbation is to sex? if you know, let me know...
* scooters, vacation, fall...? Imagine a post with tags like that.
Haha. ha. I want hot chicken soup. Now.
*Nancy Meyers should give me littttle credit. Iris from "The Holiday" (2006) is me!
*the not-logged-into-facebook record: 24 hours+
*the bad-hair-day record: 192 hours+

work in progress! come back later...

kindly BEAR WITH ME. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008


/ˈstupɪd, ˈstyu‑/
adj. stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est
1. Lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
2. Characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless.
3. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
4. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless
5. Informal. a stupid person.
[Latin stupidus, from stupēre, to be stunned.]

I mean... what the hell is wrong with me?!! :'(
No I cant be PMSing!
Just when I thought nothing could go wrong anymore...

See... A few minutes back I appeared online to everybody...
I'd plugged in my camera (which was happily uploading pictures to flickr).
I was chatting with two of my friends on that social networking website...
I had also logged into my blog- writing a new post titled "you know you are going to get dumped when..."
All the while jotting down at least 76 different ideas that were crossing my head in the text document I'd kept open.
Ah yes, I'll also mention Mr. Phil Collins in the background.

and then...

No. not a power cut. The UPS is my sweetheart.

No No. Not even a solar holocaust.

My computer just literally died.
all gone.
and I'm like "hehehe nice joke..."
then I'm like "hehe. ok. enough now... joke's over."

"Please tell me its a joke! somebody!!"
*scream fades into a faint distant nothingness*

Anger replaced every last bit of sadness in me & I realised something else.
*poke poke*
*jab jab JAB*

My PC wasn't restarting either! Not automatically, Not even upon me telling it to!
I was mad as hell!
Unable to think of anything rational, unable to plain and simple "think", I did the stupidest thing ever. (It all happened in the spur of the moment!)
I grabbed a bunch of keys. I grabbed a bunch of heavy keys and CHUCKED them on my monitor.

My awesome TFT monitor is now, jacked for life.

you know what ensued...
a lot of guilt.
"oh shit!"
1 and a half tear(s).
...and this post.