Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Generation, Vocal

I feel a bittersweet sense of comfort in the fact that communication has played such a big role in shaping the zeitgeist of our times. Do you imagine life without twitter by tweeting about it? Yeah, you're pretty up there. What's not to like - everyone now having a voice has allowed many pressing issues to be discussed. Healthily. Be it acceptance of gay love, solidarity in the face of unfair killings of wildlife or a show of support for humanity beyond borders – we now live in a time where a singular cry of help does not have to drown out in the sea of noise that we swirl around in, all accustomed to the clangour. 

Right now, even amidst deafening commotion, when something important needs to be put out there, rest assured, it will echo with a resounding bang. How about it, huh?

On the other hand, how many times do we stop to think that not using this almighty power of being vocal is even an option? What do you reckon would happen if every single person living on the planet sincerely agreed to execute a synchronised 2 minutes of absolutely no talking? We could go numb with shock at our own silence. I'm astounded to think just what great discoveries we might make if we all stopped talking about human stuff and strain ourselves to listen. If, magically, such meditative silence descended on the planet, I'm pretty fucking sure we can hear the elements moan as they swish past our indifferent selves. And if ever that dreamlike state continued for a bit longer we'll even see that other species are actually talking to us. I worry for the amount of sarcasm we'd be in for.

As I flop back onto the bed, I can visualise the Earth breaking into a little celebration jig at the thought of such relieving silence. "Maybe I can finally get 'round to reading that book."

Courtesy: Pinterest

Communication is more than just the verbal game is what my father always says.
Well, jabber-jabber or not, what an exciting field of study!

Have yourself a lovely day!