Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Right now, if I were a picture, I'd be this one. This is kinda how I've been feeling lately.

I'm yet to come to terms with the fact that I'm going to graduate a year after my "normal" batchmates will D:
I'm yet to come to terms with the fact that my parents fully understand the same.
tch tch...
I'm putting on weight, by the way. (shit!)
Pimples. (bitches! they're getting redder and redder!)
plus these random things* in my head. (unavoidable.)
my dog's not doing very well :'(
I am broke.
*going nuts*

OK what I'm really trying to say is: "I haven't been spending enough time at my desk, writing. So will not be posting a lot, this October."

Right now I'm flirting with the idea of cutting my hair really short/ get my nose pierced/ both.
but then I'll have to convince my college staff to believe that I'm the same species as them so, dunno.
and hey the "festival of lights" is coming up & so is a major family do & so are lots of college fests.
hopefully that will cheer me up.
Here's praying that the pictures will be more cheerful, November on...

random things*
gotta find reasons to justify my erratic behaviour these days.
been ages since i went to fanoo's. *drools*
thu! thu! thoooooooooo! year back!!!
'jaane kyu... dil jaanta hai.. tuh hai toh i'll be alright'

i should go & enrol with a theater group. really.
technically i'm a first year. does that allow me to take part in Maitri-08? o_O
i wasted three bucks to send an SMS for the mtv tickr! it didn't even appear on TV! grr!
yellow is the colour of the season! need those yellow ballerina shoes! XD

raj thackeray in jail! wow! :D
its bleeding impossible to make clockwise circles with my right foot and make the number "6" with my right hand at the same time!! >.<

Yeah, by the way, "stressed" rhymes with "fest". Hence the title. :P
I'll catch you guys soon! :)


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