Monday, November 10, 2008

a bitter sweet symphony

I had totally hit the dead end of my "how do i sneak out tonight?" brainstorm session.
( try keeping your ass at home on a Saturday night.) ( it'll hurt!)
So I had to settle for the consolation prize; somehow, the idea of hot wax being slapped on and then being peeled away using strips of things that makes a lot of noise, for a neater pair of arms and legs, made me feel good. =)
I grabbed my wallet and went straight to Geeta aunty's parlour. The door opened to the same faces that smiled at me each time I visited. Only today it was super-crowded!
I wasn't exactly spoilt for choice so I collapsed on one of those dead bean bags she had, crammed in there. The magazines were all taken. I started messaging friends.

This amusement park was advertising on radio. Their jingle faded into nothing, without garnering much attention... and then:
ok bengaluru, we are celebrating the lovebirds week!
excuse me? o_O
we're giving you a chance to go on air and bolo your dil ki baat...
thats right, dedicate songs to your loved one and win hampers!
and then she said the corniest thing:
seems like all this week, love is in the 'air'... lalala!
*not amused.* *at all.*
then the dedications started coming... and how!
she read her playlist; i was nauseous.
telling myself that this still is better than sitting at home, I waited...

and the radio sang...
I wanna call the stars, down from the sky
I wanna live a day, that never dies
I wanna change the world only for you
All the impossible I wanna do...

I just thought about this Harsh who had "dedicated" this particular song to his girlfriend. And of his girlfriend who must have been blushing to death right then.
tch-tch. Some more time into the relationship, he would hardly even call her to tell her what he did all day.
Stars and all? You wish.
The only day he'd wish would never die'd be when he's making wild passionate love to her.
and umm... change the world only for her? SURE.
Someday she'll be ranting about office politics and how she hates it and how it needs to change and... He'll probably go "you cannot do anything about it. just forget it."
oh and the classic-
"Sweetheart, can you come and meet me after work?"
"hey.. sorry.. that's a bit impossible."

...and the radio sang...
I wanna hold you close under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile and feel the pain
I know what's beautiful looking at you
In a world of lies you are the truth...

Yeah, the first thing he would probably do when it rains, is run for cover, forgetting even to pull her along. Let alone stand in the rain, hugging her.
"i know what's beautiful looking at you..." Yeah- That's why he'd not even have complimented her in weeks and maybe even secretly thought that the girl at that billing counter is so fuckin pretty! truth in the world of lies eh? we know that 'traffic jams' may not always mean 'traffic jams', as is the case with "i have a bad headache today, sorry."

And baby... Everytime you touch me I become a hero...
I sat there. angry, frustrated, thinking about these words.
okay so we're to believe that she walks in and his mask comes on & cape bursts out and he can suddenly fly and move mountains. All this and he wont even pick her up for lunch.
"Hero" did he say?

Hey Harsh... Lets picture this: You've had a fuckin' tiring day, and your girl's vehicle has been towed away to the other end of town. She's calling, expecting you to go there and help her out.
Isn't this exactly the time when you wish you'd never told her crap like:
I'll make you safe no matter where you are...
And bring you everything you ask for...
Nothing is above me...
I mean you can just tell her you have an important meeting. And c'mon, she'll get out of it anyway! makes sense, don't it?

I'm shining like a candle in the dark.... When you tell me that you love me...
Some drunken, wannabe Shakespeare must have written these lines sitting in a gay pub, and our man is dedicating them to woo his chick (probably not even meaning some/most of it). You know what the best bit is? She's totally falling for it. lol!
cute... down right pathetic, but well... cute.

See. I'm not saying that dedicating a song to your loved one is wrong- not even hinting.
(because I'm all for mushy :P)
Or that this guy doesn't know what love is/how to take care of his relationship/ how to make it last or anything on those lines.
What I'm saying is that on one of those days, nothing seems convince you, or said another way, on a day when you aren't feeling so lovey-dovey, these "all i need in life is your love" sort of lyrics get down right irritating.

My phone beeped again:
"hey.. wassa.. where are you?"
me: "nun much.. bored.. not far from home .. why?"
him: "I'm in polar bear... near your house."
me: "whoa... how come??"

the radio pressed on...
I wanna make you see just what I was
Show you the loneliness and what it does
You walked into my life To stop my tears
Everything is easy now, I have you here...

me: (giving up) "I'm coming. see you in 5 dude."


  1. Wuahahahahahhaha *looks evilly delighted*

    well written, i mean, be real, you men!


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