Tuesday, February 17, 2009

abandon my agony

The night is dying
soon the sun will knock on my door
I reach for you again...
Want to touch you one last time...
knowing too well
that this dream will end, as dawn breaks...

Often, the morning breeze bothers me.
When "sweet nothings" become literally that,
is it too late to try and make things better?
Where is the sense in holding tight
when you've let go?

Once there was you
then you took my hand
and when we both sang
it felt like... living...

When summer ended
it snatched you away...
The fireplace just doesn't help anymore
& I've never been one to borrow a shoulder...
Its winter when you're away.
but its winter either way,
stone cold that you are...

How will speaking softly help?
You are scared as hell/that's how it seems.
You don't want the whole world knowing,
and say "not just yet..." but i know what that means.

And then there was me,
talking a lot
and walking the talk,
from a distance, of course...
...until the day
i stumbled...

lying here, chagrined, is painful...
there's a storm... in my head...
and a heart that aches...

but something isn't right...
it's you and me we're talking about here...
did i not tell you?
did i not promise?

Don't let go...
"not just yet" and you know what I mean...
make it worth the battles I've fought...
make it worth all those tears...
every night, ever since...

Redeem me of the pain...
take my hand and save my life...

*Title inspired by name of Bangalore based death metal band Abandoned Agony.


  1. very nice use of words.. :)
    In fact i liked a lot of those verses that I will have to write down the whole thing to point them out.

    I think the pic is not appropriate for the poem. I seriously think that gal is HEADBANGING!!!

  2. i did not think that the girl was headbanging, but yeah, i didn like it too much.. the new pic is loads better! captures the feel of the poem better.

    i loved the poem btw! good work :D

  3. Hey keep up the good work on the poem!

  4. thank you rahul... what would i do without you?? *sigh* :P :P

    and pappee: thanks... you got a pretty blog, yourself... :)

  5. ya.. i know.. i am a breath giver.. :P
    hey nice trivia.. u know one super coincidence.. i sleep on my tummy too... i tried to sleep on my back a couple of times and i was awake for 3 hours .. then i took the big wise decision and went back to happily sleeping on my tummy.. hehe.. atleast it will stop the rate of outward growth of my tummmy.... :D

  6. Good work my friend

    You have a wonderful blog

    But the poll is really morbid though


  7. vinayak: thanks man... i can live without your comments... :P

    and mr. twisted elegance: thank you for that... :)

    psst! do you think the poll would be any deadlier(literally) had i included "drown to death" as another option? :P :P

  8. rahul: we're two of a kind B-) haha! cheers!

  9. @Clueless
    I think it can

    If you add the option of seeing your face in close up

    :D :D


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