Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bon Appétit

Before proceeding, please bear in mind that the mercury is soaring these days. Soaring sky high.

*A cousin of mine threw a barbecue party couple of days back.
*Went to a friend's birthday treat at a punjabi dhaba the day before.
*Last night again, my mad, drunk family dragged me to a... wait for it... KABAB STUDIO!
* Mum made eggs for breakfast this morning.
*My fucking tribal neighbor wont stop roasting garlic for her toxic chicken curries!!

That's it.

Talk about overdose! Eugghh!
I'm crying tears of blood so this would all just change and my tummy is no more subjected to such horror!
Anything not vegetarian is officially grossing me out!
I've even been retching in my sleep! X(

All i can think about is fruits and vegetables.
I really need a job at the greengrocer's...

Then again, maybe not.

I'll see you soon. Need to go barf now x(


  1. LOL This is super fun! And very good poll again....

  2. whoa. that first picture is harsh.

  3. PIC1 = GROSS YA!! ewww!!!

    Kabab Studio??!! rofl Jeezus! i'd been to this dhaba called..... KABAB DABBA!!! legendary no! gaahahahahaha!!
    u and ur sis back to being veggies eh? :P

  4. stop taking vodka with anything that is not vegetarian.. that retching would stop I think.. ;)

  5. @ dzi: and that's exactly why i put it there... that happens to me when i see food these days...

    Nefarious: yep for now... whew..

    Rahul: lol, i guess... but vodka is too darn good to give up... :P

  6. where did u get these pics from ? vegetable porn site? lol

  7. ok that was funny! lmao! yes its called heh!

  8. i believe a big EWWWWWWWWWW!!!! is in order!

  9. teh 1st pic...ewwwww

  10. Go ahead Parry- you can "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" all you want.


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