Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I ♥ you, pally!

And today, people, I'm letting you in on my latest obsession!
Turn around your boring tank top/ t-shirt into a statement.

Short for Palestinian scarves, "the pally" sure is making a lot of heads turn!
Personally, I'm lovin' it!
Big thank you to that article in Bangalore Times of course :)
Now run out and get one already!

* * *

Things heard/read/said over the month gone so swiftly by:

"This is a nightmare. Please wake me."
Art Vandelay said this of Arsenal's horror show at the UEFA semis.

"Democracy died with the hippies..."
-the front man of Utopia (rocking out at a college fest near you)

"The actual useful people are never really your friends."
He calls it 'Sandy's theory of life
'. Ahem.

"The future ain't what it used to be."
Yogi Berra

"Music is Pink Floyd."
Cyrus Broacha

They call it PMS because mad cow disease was taken.

Read somewhere on the world wide web; author anonymous.

"You haven't been to Goa? What? Seriously? Why have you not been to Goa?! I cant believe you haven't been to Goa!" said a tanned friend recently back from where-else-but-Goa.

What is common b/w Gandhiji and Shah Rukh Khan?

Both of them returned to India after getting insulted in South Africa.
This is the stupid SMS that woke me up today. LAME.

"Hey! You are becoming a Page3 person! How disgusting! :-) "
-the friend who sends me e-books :P

"Red Bull is made from bull sperms... Yep... You didnt know that? It has bull semen in it. Processed of course. Hey! You know... I think you can put that in your CV... "I've blown an angry bull and I don't spit! Hahaha!"

Revelation followed of course by violent retching and nausea.

"Looks like Arsenal should stop playing games at home! :D "

"Ohhh! So... like... You are two years older than all of us...?"
as comprehension dawned upon the faces of those 17-somethings who I will be starting my grad course with :(

* * *

Hmm... So I'll be turning 20 soon.
Another year wasted. Spent done nothing the world might remember me by.
On the brighter side though, academic life is finally back on track! Yay! :D
I've guzzled down about 20 litres of Tropicana over the past week.
I also went to a nightclub after ages! Nirvana! :D
I saw a movie called The Unborn. Utter crap.

I'm reading this book called "Relationship Management: How not to piss off friends and be a good girlfriend and make your parents go 'awwww' and teach your dog how to play fetch."
It came free with a copy of "Are you depressed? Don't be! Read this book!"

* * *
Have you ever been showered with pee?
While passing under a railway bridge on your two wheeler? All dressed up?
Happened to me.


  1. No Seriously, You STILL haven't been to Goa?! :P

  2. Mayyyyn! Great.. Thanks for rubbing it in that much deeper! Screw it already, D! xP

  3. Ur blogs are fun to read.

    I just read ur being showered with pee while passing under a railway bridge. Now, that's hilarious. But u can only understand the disgust once u've gone thro' it myself.

    So were you riding pillion or riding/driving yourself?
    If u were doing the former, ur head must've felt 'warm' and moist all of a sudden. If u were doing the latter, you're Helmet must've shielded your head (One advantage of the godforsaken helmet rule!)

  4. Funniest comment to date! haha! what with all the detailed explanation! super! lol...

    and yeah i was riding alone... even WITH the damn helmet i got the full blast of it, cause it trickled down the helmet onto my shoulders and you-know-where-next! uggh!

  5. I can imagine ur plight.
    I'm reminded of Lagaan's song "Megha barse, ghanan ghanan etc etc"
    U know wht's the most relevant part of the song in ur context "gir gir aaye, gir ke aaye"
    Listen to the song if u don't remember and put everything in perspective. Will make perfect sense! :P

  6. by the way, a song like that you neednt listen to remember! and yeah it does make perfect sense... and also for a hilarious spoof sequence! xD


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