Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get up! GET UP! Sing the birthday song!!

Its my blog's very first birthday today!
I think I'm going to cry!
Aaaaaaaa! Feels awfully longer though, to be honest...
I remember what my blog was fiiiiirst called:

*sudden flashback*

"Tragedy of Errors"
Hahaha... Cheesy or what?
Well, in my defense, this was at a time when everything was going nightmarish-ly wrong for me.

...A small Christmas makeover later, I rechristened my blog "This Will Keep Changing"
(I called my other blog "This Though, Will Remain As Is")
You see?

Months passed. Boredom struck.
I decided I want the blog to be called "C'est la vie". I went ahead and regretted immediately.
It was quite dead for my liking.
So I thought about a newer title.
Couldn't come up with anything that didn't sounded like a clone of something that was already out there.

Along came my birthday- and then it hit me:
"Hey! Let me scream to the world that I'm twenty now!"
"Hey! Let me also scream to the world that I have a million problems!"

Quite a story... Hmmm...
Then again, not much has changed. I'm still clueless, aren't I? :P

Hugs going out to everybody who reads my crap.
Super-duper thanks to:
-rohith for being my very first "follower"
-rahul for consistently being the first comment on most of my posts :) :)
- manu for giving amazingly honest critique
-adi, akshay, pappu, goirick, prithvi raj, tom, kraven and dzi for the boost!

Thank you axedude- you are the sole reason I started this blog...
And in many corners this still is about you & me, who sadly enough, can never be....

Ladies, gentlemen and Edward Cullen (you gay bitch!)
You are now looking at a just-turned-one
"Acne and other troubles of a 20 year old"



  1. LSD is dead now as he has taken up my position.. :P
    you could have written some jingle to celebrate the birthday!!!

  2. thanks LSD :) muah!

    and thank you blue periwinkle :)
    i have a feeling i know you...
    do you know LSD? how?

    and rahul: you've broken my heart! sigh... :P there's always a next post, chillax :P

  3. Happy Birthday.. I have spent the past couple of hours reading all your posts and have been left.. awed.. amazed.. slightly envious at the ease with which u write about anything and everything.. ur blog just shouts out to everyone and draws them in.. well it did to me.. I hope u write soon.. and i hope you're at a much happier and positive note now :)
    keep rocking!! :)

  4. Wheee! :P
    Thanks smitzy and work hard! :)

  5. tcho tchweeet


    one year of sheer madness.. and counting..

    HAPPY be-very-lated B'DAY =)


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