Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"New Post! Awwwww!"

You've hounded your friends for weeks now.
The pictures have finally reached you.
You've finally made that new album on Facebook.
You've tagged your friends.
And then....
5 minutes later
*Retry* And then...
15 minutes

My big, fat, conniving, song writing, sudoku-solving head couldn't come up with a single interesting caption for a single damn photo!

I think it has happened. It's a sign. I know I've hit the bottom.
It's that time in your life when all those girls- in your class, in the corridor, in the canteen, in the quadrangle; girls who cry because they miss their hamster, girls who hug each other because the are hungry, girls who talk like movement of vocal chords is fatal- have finally defeated you.

Seriously how are you supposed to think clever/come up with cool stuff when all you hear is bimbo-talk from 8 am to 3 pm (and sometimes even in your nightmares)?

Dear God,
Do you want to know how my class is?
They dont watch the news.

They dont know what Twitter is.

They think Edward Cullen secretly watches them sleep.

They cant spell "medulla oblongata"

Their favourite word is "awwwwwwwwwww" with exactly that many w's in it.
So let me know when I can hang myself.

Waiting to hear from you real soon!

Sample this:
In creative writing class, we were given the topic "cold nights"
20 among the class of 33 wrote:
"snuggled in a warm blanket... by the fireplace... hot cup of coffee... reading P.S. I Love You/thinking of a special someone"

Yes. I'm starting a campaign to create awareness about the fact that the grey cells in your brain can actually be used.

Sigh..... I miss chaos...

I gotta go find a nice, strong rope.
Oh and one huge request:
Don't ignore my blog. Please.
Without your love and comments, it'll die :'( :'(

I'll write soon.

*The not so great quality of this post must explain what I was trying to say.


  1. No way, we are going to ignore your blog....I like your unconventional way of writing...giving pictures to the voices that scream inside our brains .... keep walking!!! :)

  2. lol at the letter and the craetive writing part.. first timer here.. do continue scribbling..

  3. hahaha....
    do they reallly believe that EDWARD CULLEN watched them when they are sleeping??!!!!

  4. Hey thanks anorak! You put a smile on my face :)

    Glad you like it Vishnu... I'll try to keep scribbling often...

    Rahuuuuul :D yeah, beat that! oh and did i mention how they spray on their best perfumes before hitting the sack? "just in case" you know :P tch tch.

    blue periwinkle, :) thanks.....

    LSD: I'm still waiting... say something...

  5. Edward Cullen is gay.. and so is your college.. or atleast going by the description you've given here..

    haffun girl in your chicky-chicky world :D

  6. Oh hey Nefarious, wassup? These "chicks" are better looking than their Christ university counterparts b t w.

    I said my college is gay- glad you caught that. Dont remember saying anything about
    my college = my world.
    If yours is, tch tch. Go out. Party.

  7. OMFG.. you are comparing Christ and MCC chicks.. xD proves my statement right.. awwww.. ROTFL

    my college = my world
    and i'm very proud of it..
    cheers! :)

  8. Your ishtory sounds like a sequel to
    Garv- pride and honour.

    ROTFL. :P

  9. Such an enlightening post!!

    girls hug each other coz they are hungry?? more practical thing wud be to EAT something.. But oh.. I forgot, this is bimbos we are talking about :D

    btw, I feel quite relieved that this new post came before the end of 2009 :P

  10. i'm making a conscious effort to post often smitzy...
    its hard when you're having a writer's block kinda thing going on....
    its harder not to when your friends bombard you with messages saying "hey sorry about your blog. looks like its dead."

    so... that's my story...
    hope you guys like what i write...

  11. Sorry i'm late.
    Nice post. Maybe we should start a bimbo hate club.

  12. haha.. respect! \m/
    and now i do agree on your own description of the blog. i love it for its straightforwardness :D

  13. pachi!! eyy thanks a ton :)

    axay: thanks patil! :D

    and thank you rawat ;)

    Whoa! Feels like "thanks fest" just came to town :P :P

  14. Egad. Even my class does/will do/thinks half this post you have written ! Trust me !

    And I loved your blog ! :)

  15. I know... I know they're everywhere. Bimbos. Uggh!!


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