Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things I meant to say

...but couldn't quite:
  • You there, creepy Twitter follower. Will you climb out of my ass? And stop being the ONLY person favourite-ing every damned tweet. Gaaaah! #sheriffonspeeddial Also whats up with all these bots.
  • Hallo, random Indian man on street. Your instinctive+unsupressable itch to offer parking advice to a car pulling over, with a woman behind wheel - yeah, fucking KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS. And fuck you. Twice.
  • I like to talk like dem African-American people do. Finger -snap and everything. I love it. Actually I love speaking in all sorts of accents that aren't my own. I listen and study and practice - a lot. I'm not weird at all.
  • I can't keep in touch for nuts. But I love you guys. Honestly. Many miss. Wow. Such feels.
That's all for now.
PS: Latest issue of the magazine that every stylish dog should read

PPS: Hey if you are on the web and bored as fuck (seeing as they are never mutually exclusive, I feel sorry for you) however, here's a place you can go and add some *awesome* to your day! Follow the link and keep jamming that pink box for interactive websites as they've been described.
Now some of the said sites work better on mobile browsing and for some you might just need the mouse.

Ok bored soul, go have a blast!
You're welcome.


  1. "who will finally resolve his burning inner Oedipal conflict."
    Hahahahahahaha. Too good.

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