Friday, August 1, 2014

Design Nerds, hola!

Everyday is inspiration for design nerds.
Today I woke up feeling calm, yet with this strange buzz.
I put on the most oriental colours I own and floated around the house for a bit (my day off) and halted near the shelf where I stash my paint brushes and watercolours.

At that very moment, if you sliced open my mind and spilled the viscera on a sheet, this is exactly what it would look like:

However, since these two fish here are already part of a commissioned artwork of Christy Freeman's, I decided to google around for more inspiration to paint when I stumbled upon this piece of art:

My frenzied brain was awash with wave after wave of excitement at the detail on this one - the scales - WOW. The barbels and mouth deserve a hat tip.
Further reading revealed 'Moneygami' was indeed the bomb, and this artist - Won Park - has created more such delightful works of art using world currency.

Wicked skills! And yet we are barely getting to the cool part:

This cool idea was lapped up by a design studio in Seattle and used for the rebranding of a payment technology and software providing firm. Such a stunning idea.
Gotta love design! Speaking of it, is rapidly becoming one of my favourite places on the worldwide web to check out the work of vizcom artists. It's a treat for the eyes.

Parting shot today - it's an installation idea found on the web:

Colour + transparent string + a third dimension = absolute WOW.

Stay inspired :)


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  2. i love artistic work so much i think that it reveals something in your conscience that words cant explain


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