Friday, September 5, 2008

random thoughts... no, really.

i wish i was two inches taller.
i wish i had wings.
i wish i was really good at studies.
-big deal if i hang out with 7 boys all the time!!
still, i wish i was a boy. *sighs*
i wish i could find that purple nail polish again!
i wish my HOD gets thrown into jail. i cant stand the sight of that twisted, evil bastard.
i wish i could speak French... :)
i wish there was no such thing as "attendance" :(
i wish i had more money.
i wish i had even more money!


  1. wear heels
    join allianz
    buy another nail polish
    you could rectify most stuff on your list

  2. what if i wish i were taller, say, sitting by the beach? heels are ruled out.
    and i wont buy another nailpolish because i want the purple one! X(

    thanks for the allianz idea though :P :P


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