Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wanted: Hugs.

I think I've got the blues. x(

Before I ring in the new year in style/drunk/at home in shorts, alone; the following things might happen, not leaving me amused:
* i might not get my hall ticket for unexplainable reasons. I mean trustees, donation, and some stupid confusion. You don't want to know. I hate the college I'm "in".
* i might get the hall ticket and flunk all subjects. I mean who am i kidding? I don't even have the text books.
* i might be home alone on Christmas while the rest of my family members shop till they drop in Mumbai. *sighs* I love my pet too much to leave him and go away.
* i might put on so much weight that people mistake me for my mum! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
* i might HATE my new hairdo AFTER I get it! X(
* i might never learn to shut up!
* you guys might stop reading my blog because all I do here is crib and cry and rant and blogitomise the pessimist. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dear God,
Give me strength in these troubled times. Help me, as i have no one else to plead to.

While you are at it, please let me find out that Charles Henry Harrod was my great great great great grandfather.
What? Come on God! George Clooney at my door at least

tch tch! i SO need a hug *sniff*
Hey, pillow... C'mere...

Oh! Speaking of blues, i'm leaving you with this:

( rotflol! An Obama supporter that I am, I just cant help but applaud the folks at MAD for coming up with funny stuff ALL the fucking time!)


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