Monday, December 15, 2008

All done!

first thing: I never imagined my blog in this avtaar... all the same, i love it... Its looking all pretty and Christmas-ey! :)

firster thing: Christmas! less than 10 days to go!

No. I'm not Christian (and while we're at it, I'm not a Mangalorean and NOT from Andhra either.) but there's something about the-last-week-of-december that makes me super happy!

Maybe its all those colours... Maybe all those lights... Presents? umm... Wine? Wine? Wine.
or... is it all the hype? Bingo!
I mean its the one day in the year I see my Dad actually livin' it up! :p
Christmas in as many words i can think of: Here it go!
Marshmallows, candy canes, stockings, Santa! christmas cake, tinsel, christmas trees, chimneys, decorations, baubles, angels, miseltoe, presents, fancy fireplace, happiness, wrapping paper, red+ green+gold, stars, warm woolies, ugg boots, christmas carols, family, turkey and roast potaoes, gravy, christmas pudding and snow...

Pity it doesn't snow here though... :(
Which reminds me, my sister's passport arrived, taking us one step closer to the white, snowy Christmas me and mum keep dreaming of... :D
aah! more dreams and schemes later...

Second thing: Someone pointed out to me recently, that there has been a more-than-subtle change in my newer posts, in terms of content...
She said that reading my blog now feels like reading someone's diary...
(are you kidding me?! i LOVE reading people's diaries! :P by accident of course!)
So I just want to tell her that more old-school posts coming up... Promise. 0:)
But only in January as I have some serious shopping/partying/holidaying to do! :D

Last thing: I was quite sick, the past couple of days. I've even recovered from the horrible back injury... So now I'm done blowing my nose and taking paracetamol for the year. Any alcohol going down my throat, now onwards, will not be in the form of cough syrup.

And now its time for- drumroll, please- My Random Rants!
*My old man couriered home a box of chocolates... again! cute or what? xD awww dad!
* 100 free sms are not enough. How many people am I messaging? Where is all my currency going?! HELLO?! Calls to Ireland: 9.5 bucks a minute! jeez!
*This one occurred to me while watering the plants last night: Cannot believe that ONCE i used to say things like hero pen and homework or shut your gob or ditcher & yeah, this one makes me laugh - geometry box... I mean just 4 years ago "Saturdays" still meant white uniform and Mass PT... Good old days or something they say....
* What is to food as masturbation is to sex? if you know, let me know...
* scooters, vacation, fall...? Imagine a post with tags like that.
Haha. ha. I want hot chicken soup. Now.
*Nancy Meyers should give me littttle credit. Iris from "The Holiday" (2006) is me!
*the not-logged-into-facebook record: 24 hours+
*the bad-hair-day record: 192 hours+


  1. And I remember I didnt even know what a deo was before high school...

  2. haha i know! and white shoe polish?! my god!

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