Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hugs: work!

One of my favourite things to do, on this day of the year, is watch this movie:

I love it. The story touches on the over commercialization of Christmas, and serves to remind viewers of the true meaning of Christmas, in signature Peanuts' style.
And elsewhere a certain Miss Sinha says:
"From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it. :P"
Would love to see these two, taking on each other. Ahem.

Yes people, hugs really work! (Pssst! thank you Rahul Nair)

"Don't worry, things will fall into place... Just relax." was definitely on top of my "lines that annoy me" list. Definitely, until yesterday.

Things are falling into place...
*For starters I got my hall ticket! YES! xD
Not one hitch, not one problem, no comments by evil HOD, no questions asked. Wow.
* I am not going to be alone tomorrow after all!
Camel sent me this: "any problem if we guys drop in tomorrow?"
(uh well its called an SMS... and sometimes it can make your day!)
* I realised that you guys wont run away 'cause of my constant ranting... thanks tonnes for that! :D
* What's more... a good friend of mine has flown down from erm... the windy city... it'll be super good to catch up with him! lookin' forward :)

Hey... Its almost 9 now...
I'm way happier than I thought I would be. Hope there's coke in the fridge though.

So here's me... sitting... (still) praying for world peace & harmony. Less corruption and more educated politicians, closer home and a piece of George Clooney for me :D
In the tatkal quota, here's praying the best, for all my dost log.

And you, reading this blog, a BIG thank you for the brilliant display of tolerance :)
(I will test it a teeny bit more though)

have you seen an interesting video today? no? hit the link below:

and now....

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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