Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Post. ( i'm THAT bored)

I'm feeling horrible today. My guy friends' group is en-route to Mallu Land for vacation*
I am not.
I am at home. Not travelling in a train. Not laughing my head off at men's humour that I was just designed to resonate with. Not planning on how to get druuuuunk, the next seven days. No sirree.
Not making grand plans of how to protect our bags & luggage from strangers/thieves/cops.
And certainly not chalking out a cool modus operandi involving my bros helping the only girl in the group get around Thrissur without being stoned to death. 

Activity: Write a letter to someone you have always wanted to, but have never had the time. Grades to be counted for final assessment."

Letter that didn't get an A+

Dear Indian moral police,
Fuck you, okay? In the ass. And NO lube.
Long time... Haven't heard from you guys since, erm, the last time you took away someone's freedom? Hope all is rotten your end.

I have to congratulate you upon your latest accomplishment. Thanks for stopping me going on a rail trip with my brothers!

These were the reasons given to an almost-20 year old girl (with the best biceps in the group) as to why she shouldn't go on this trip:
a) "You are incapable of protecting yourself." Well, you're wrong there.
b) "You must not be sharing rooms with boys. " My fucking life!
c) "What if you get homesick/in a problem?" 7 days for Lord's sake. Just 7 friggin' days.
d) Finally, the trump card-  *that* shocked expression. seriously? You people are sadists. And pussies. Oh and also, narrow minded. NARROW MINDED. Hey, did I mention "narrow minded"?

Hmmm... So... %&^$ @# ? $^ Ah? @#$%^* i do hope... And*!@$@ h#% d#$%^^* v $%&^ #$^%^f d$^% b &%* o&#$ It sure @$%&(. You $% ghd%eta f*#$ you definitely do $^^@#$... hmmm so how t$#^%?? Aww fuck you... %$&^ $^*^** #%% Yeah, *%&#$ 'kay!

Until next time then...
Two middle fingers.


* * * * *

Feeling all sad, I got home from the railway station.
6:20 am.


Excuse me?

Yeah. That's him and that is him.
"Streets of Philadelphia" was playing.
That's when I realised... that... these two have ditto faces!


Uncanny or what? #celebritylookalikes

* * * * *

I force this upon my ears when I'm low and out.
James Brown: I Feel Good.
It really just works like a motherfucker.

Hmmm so until I get my next salary, or that phone call from UK, or maybe even an extra itchy pimple,

All images in this post have been put together by me.

Aren't Yellow dresses just F. A. B.?


  1. Seems like you were pretty sad and angry about not being able go...
    And when you watched those guys on VH1 you had a virtual orgasm??!!!

  2. No no Rahul... the only time i orgasm-ed in front of television was while watching Kylie Kwong's show on Discovery T&L. :p

    And I still am angry and sad about the trip... x(

  3. :D

    Get over it... Long weekend,right .. Party hard,sleep harder.. It will be gone before you know it!!

  4. awww thank you! :D

    or maybe i'll watch T&L again ;)

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