Thursday, January 1, 2009

this will test your patience.

I'll just go ahead and say that 2008 was a crazy bitch.
I don't like crazy bitches.

All I remember from the year that has just about gone by, is:
a) getting drunk
b) crying

As on 1st of January, 2008:
weight: 62 kg.
hairdo: crap.
dressing sense: crap. transition phase clothes.
relationship status: great (i thought)
emotional rape count: 12
my phone: nokia 6030 :|
financial status: broke.
other status: non blogger, free of piercings, year back virgin, w/o a camera, depressed.

Flashback then, of the year that was:

January: One drunken welcome to 2008.
navel piercing!
one near death incident.

February: The great Indian ditching ceremony- I was left alone and shagging on valentines day :|
Meanwhile, one cry by Reethesh made me the the butt of all jokes. "Jain college sucks" he screamed. Every other person in Ambedkar college gladly joined him. Boo ya!

March: I met two boys at this restaurant. One was the birthday boy, the other boy was all about "how to wear shades in the dark and make them look good".

April: I sat at home thinking how fun life in Jain college was.

May: My budday! :D I got calls till 2 in the morning which was great because in 2007, only 6 people wished me. (Yes, family and dog included)

June: The don't-attend-a-single-lecture month.

July: I'll call this month "the dark knight festival". I started writing again. Cried all night, July 29th after reading something in Jogi's Orkut scrapbook...

August: The great Indian flunk-athon. I died. So did my parents' hopes. But what the heck, other then the bad-ass Ramnagar trip, I cant remember anything else. \,,/. ye ye!

September: Partying with drunk uncles and aunts.

October: Partying with drunk uncles and aunts.

November: The jungle holiday at Kabini! :D

December: I had to be home alone for almost a week. C'mon! do your math! B-)

As on 1st of January, 2009:
weight: 61 kg.
hairdo: definitely feminine.
dressing sense: B-)
relationship status: great (touch wood)
emotional rape count: 36,004.
my phone: xpressmusic 5610 A samsung phone that weighs 4 kg.
financial status: ka ching!
other status: active on the blogosphere. Navel: pierced. Year back- been there, yawn...

Quick check...

-Work done over the year:
Reassessing my "people I should kill before I die" list.
-Goals accomplished:
"look feminine at the end of 2008" whew!
"take up part time jobs" Check. B-)
-Old friends I caught up with:
Deepu... finally! :)
The University of Melbourne grad student (ahem) and gang :D

-The biggest realisation of 2008:
Reading the newspaper/ watching a news bulletin is the single most depressing thing in life.
-Top medical disasters:
My nasal bone fracture. Yes, I fractured my nose. Try it at home, its not that easy.
-The biggest heart break:
When my phone crashed and I lost this poem called "in the depths of darkness... you bring me light" I cried my eyes out and looked everywhere for a copy... still cant string it together....
-Grossest moment of the year:
Cleaning Sandy's puke. Which made me puke. Thrice over.

"My year in pictures"/ photo awards/oww just take a look already!
Here we go...

First up, the most unforgettable day of 08!

08 - my favourite picture:

the most contemplated haircut:

the bestest pet ever... I cant believe we left him alone for 50 hours! :'(

this photo bags all awards under the "silliest poses" category:

the responsible citizen moment:

the most worked upon photo award:

here's why:

the "rotflol" moment of '08!

the "one of its kind" photograph award:

"most nostalgic photo" goes to:

My worst shot / disaster of the century:
(please kill one unskilled make up artist, today. You can make a difference.)

the strongest person of the year award:

beer swigging moment: #384

Its been a roller coaster of a year. (sometimes you just cannot help but be cliche, see?)
So this year I've decided not to cry...
Not even when my flip flops break.
Or when I see a lot of hair in a man's ears.

My new year resolution: To learn how to tie a tie. (no typo this.)

Looking forward to a good year!
No, I have not ordered tires for my car. Har har har!

not funny?
Ok :(

Happy new year, people! :D
Here's to love, life and laughter :)


  1. happy new year to u too! :D
    btw, gr8 post again! except for da..


  2. aww come on dawg! :P aneesha ko thodi kuch kar rahi hu main? ;) lol!

  3. the "rotflol" moment of '08!

    i'm simply rotfl-ing my butts off!! =D

  4. happy new year to you too rahul!

    and asiya... i swear... high 5! too fuckin funny that was!

  5. and well, the "here's why" could have been avoided if the flash was kept on ;)

  6. Hehe

    nope, it was bcoz u were at the station, the train wasn't runnin Ms. Daredevil (only kidding!)

    ok, no offences, Ms. i saw the man, bt i guess, it was rude cutting him out of the picture! :P the expression on his face was awesome - really! not that urs was any less awesome! :P

  7. extremity, thanks! ;)

    and quaintzy: i wasnt trying to do any stunt. and have no qualms accepting that the train was NOT running after all.... it was just a candid pic of me hanging out of the door...

    that, however doesn't concern us at all as i only wanted to say that that was the picture i had a hard time editing... which brings me to your comment: of course it was rude cutting him out of the picture. but that itself, makes the picture eligible for the "most edited" category.
    see what i mean?


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