Sunday, May 17, 2009

House hunting

Should we move to the outskirts and buy a house there?
Should we just keep this house and rent a big apartment?
Can we afford to take another housing loan?
Is it a good time to sell at all?

Sunday mornings spent poring over the classifieds.
Rows and rows of houses screaming to be bought.
A hopeful phone call after reading the one ad that "feels right".
Talks. Negotiation.
Houses spread right across the city. Apartments. Houses with gardens.
Houses without gates (!). Big houses. Small houses. Duplexes- sigh!

I must've seen all kinds of houses and spoken to a helluva lot of types of people in the past few months!
And the fact remains:
We are yet to find ourselves a warm little nest! :(
If one house has a very unflattering view from the windows, the other cant boast of a parking space :|
The "perfect house" is either too fricking expensive or on planet Uranus!
And if by chance a house fits perfectly in our budget, then... ahem... the owner becomes mortally allergic to dogs!


And each time I come as close to it as having picked "my room" and "where the bean bag will go" and "purple drapes... definitely purple!'' it slips right out of our hands and right into the rejected-houses-list.

This is harder than I thought it would be... Tch.

God I feel 40! :|


  1. haaaapppyy bday... :)

    happy bday to u ..
    happy bday to u..
    hasppy bday to dear apeksha...
    happy bday to you...
    (applause.. for my singing... :P)

  2. *claps like mad*
    thanks a bunch rahul.
    my first brthday wish on blogger :P
    thankyoo :)

  3. I have done a lot of house hunting for the last three in Delhi...I have changed 6 house till now and another one is in the offings....I guess, i am just a nomad at the end of the day....

    ..BTW happy belated b'

  4. thanks anorak :)

    and about the houses.. well, let me just say, all the best... :D
    i do hope you settle down soon in a nice warm house :)


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