Tuesday, June 2, 2009


June 13, 2008 at 10:54 am
"Just got 8.0 in the IELTS!"

June 25, 2008 at 12:07 pm
You wrote that you were
"confused, frustrated, distraught, nostalgic and yet perfectly happy about it all."

June 27, 2008 at 9:55 am

". . .is losing faith, losing control, losing it all...."

July 2, 2008 at 1:49 pm
"is blogging his heart out and is hoping someone will eventually get the message...

You put me to sleep one night. And then, you were gone...

Today, nearly a year later, I'm sitting here going through the pages of your "book" that the world reads... Older pages... Pages from the time when I wasn't a part of the site yet.

I'm in tears and absolutely heartbroken.

I only have one thing to ask you:

Why did you not say to me the very things I wanted to hear?
Why did you have to strut breezily all over town with so much in your head?
Why did you say nothing?

I'll never know...

Maybe some things are better left unsaid.
It maybe that some questions do not have answers after all.

And on September 12, 2008 at 4:16 pm you wrote:
"the rain, the cold, the wind, the pain! and yet, it feels like it should!"


  1. If there was a way to tell you in person, that you didn't have to go through this, I would. But that would involve some sort of acquaintance. And in all honesty, I wish I knew you in person. But,having thoroughly followed your blog, I can bring myself to say I am acquainted with you, enough to tell you this right about now.. There are people in one's life that, aren't worth keeping, even if you have known them all your life. I don't claim to understand, that would only be ridiculous, to say the least! What seems more agonizing to me is to know that I haven't even met you! and a random stranger's word is the last you'd want to hear. if your gut says anything right about now, after reading this, please let me know. You see, its kind of important to me too.

  2. dont tell me you are just 20... haha.. :P

  3. why ra? gloom pervading the blog! you don't get senti-mental and all.. i mean i cant even imagine!

  4. Dear appy,
    your user profle doesnt show up, sadly...
    thanks that you are actually reading my mostly gloomy blog...
    but lemme tell you something Shakespeare made someone say and pray that it makes sense to you:

    "Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow"

    Rahul: yes you bum! i AM "just" 20 :P lol..

    Nefarious: It isnt just my blog... sigh...
    and if you cant imagine, watch NDTV Imagine.
    It may help.

  5. :D nicely used :) the trouble being, I think i sorta know the demon here! the one that you speak abt..and we know what they say about them demons, they're always in the head! that's where the real battle is.

    don't have a blog..still a very puts-pen-to-paper-person. having said that, I shan't make my analysis for tomorrow! :)

    and again, on a lark! :D my email address is - randomisedcluster@gmail.com.

    happy blogging!

  6. and.. er.. appy? how is it "kind of important" to you too?

  7. :D asked for it didnt i? you see. I know this person. :)you speak of. I want to kick myself for having known him. and now, I know enough to let go. :)

  8. you KNOW the person i speak of? are you sure you know who exactly i'm writing all this for?? :O

  9. oh i don't know him in a school friend or college friend sorta way. lets just put it this way.. i now know not to take a chance, on public networking sites! and worse, he still sits pretty, on my facebook friend list!

  10. first thing, you should have known better than to take a chance on a social network... i'm sorry if i sound rude but guess i know him a lot more than you do...

    and please dont feel sorry for me... i know he'll come around.

  11. oh he was a mistake i had to make! to each his own. no offence taken.. democracy has its hazards!

    I didn't even try to feel sorry. patronizing isn't my vice!

    good luck. a super blog.

  12. thanks again aparna...

    really wish i could read what you write...


  13. I actually got an 8.0 in my IELTS. but that was more than a year ago.
    I know who u r talking abt here, I can also understand how it feels :)

    But old days will come back again. In a much better package than before. :)

    Chill Clueless

  14. aww... that was simply the sweetest thing ever said to me...
    thanks D!


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