Friday, November 14, 2008

i am currently lusting over...*

Curtis Stone.
I mean how perfect is he?
ok listen:
He's Aussie. ;)
Tall, blonde. Green eyed. (!!)
He cooks (and how!)
He has a voice that'll make any woman weak in the knees.
Celebrity chef. Also owns the most dazzling smile ever.
Top runner of "Sexiest Man Alive" poll by People magazine.
& Oh. My. God. Have you seen any pictures of him in a tux?!

*runs out of saliva*

*to all the boys reading this post:
"i'm really sorry that there was nothing for you here."
to the girls:
"if you think there's someone out there, even better than Curtis, leave a comment!" ;)
to aneesha:
"ty!" :P


  1. oh did u c d news today...these guys have come in a new calendar...som charity thingi...n curtis is lukin smokin hot man....chk it out ;)

  2. what?!!! where when how why who? tellll meeeeeee! :P


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