Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"a point in the space of four-character strings"


Aren't you just lovin' the weather today?
(ranting from: Bangalore. 4 pm IST and date you can see right on top of the post.)
Its cold as hell. Dark! And very cloudy.
The sun must be holidaying somewhere faaar away from here.
I'm totally loving it.

Ok. Coming back to what I actually came here to tell you guys:

If you haven't smiled in quite a while, I suggest you hit the link below.
More interesting than I thought it'd be; way funnier than Divith.
Take a little help from Wiki if nothing makes sense to you even 2 hours after you've opened that link.
On second thoughts, just assume your sense of humour broke up with you.
Big thank you to Nemil Vora. =)

If you liked it, then tell your friends about it!


  1. i do have a flickr account

  2. thx! you've been featured! :P
    gr8 photographs....
    again- love them!

  3. the site is cuter than its funny...


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