Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love:

Google doodles!
writing with my left hand.
end of season sale, anywhere.
"Showtime presents DEXTER" \m/
catching a movie first day first show.
baby animals- my heart melts!
sitting under "the tree" with my best friends.
the colour purple.
eating complan. straight out of the packet! yum!
happy endings.
this song called "Punjab" by Karunesh.
pon and zi (by azuzephre)
Bangalore city.
getting a new haircut! :D
remembering the past and wishing i could find life's "rewind button".
sweet nothings.
Alliance Francaise, Bangalore :) :)
Calvin and Hobbes :')
smell of freshly cut capsicum.
Om beach, Gokarna.
kal ho na ho.
collecting small, random, shiny, weird things.
eating pani puri when its raining.
getting tickled.
corner house ice creams!
talking on the phone.
talking, period. i cannot shut up for nuts!
playing cupid.
warli art
sounds of superbikes revving
babies (that cant walk or talk).
Pav bhaji, chole bhature, butter chicken- the real Punjabi deal.
geeks <3
dark, chilly, misty mornings.

and... each second of the life I'm living life (mishaps and all).

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