Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the awakening...

Again i had dozed off while on the phone. Again it had rained all night. And again the alarm had gone off at 6.30... I did NOT want to get up but thinking of that corset I'd be wearin if I were thinner, I got up and was trudging away.
After a couple of hundred meters, I was still drowsy. I was in no mood to jog, so instead of just sitting there n turning into a fossil or something I bought a copy of the Sunday Times from corner manju's store. I reached the park facing the apartment I used to live before in and grabbed a bench... Right at the end, i saw Pinto uncle. A lot of other people had gathered. it must have been the residents' monthly meeting.
An explosion of articles+photographs+tributes+Jai Hinds told me it was Independence day ka eve. The street just off the park got a little noisy. I saw a bunch of people setting up what looked like makeshift classroom. Probably some NGO activity. Nice.
I continued reading all the glorified stuff that was written in the paper and random thoughts started crossing my mind... "when i die, will more than 50 people even know ?"
The sun was in no mood to get out. It still felt like six thirty, an hour later.
Then two girls walked past me, wearing 'Teach India' sweatshirts.
And then, it happened. As i sat there, I had realised something. I couldn't believe it had taken me that long! I sat up. Suddenly all else was erased from my mind! I wasn't just going to sit there anymore. I got up, took a nice deep breath. Two seconds later i was on my feet ready to jog. well, I had to start somewhere.
Was this my wake up call? i was finally getting over trivial things like shopping n clubbing to have look at "the bigger picture"? Did the need to be a little more than just "apeksha rao" get the better of me?


I had spotted an extremely good looking hunk in the park. He had just started jogging.
and WOW! White was his colour!

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