Friday, August 22, 2008

life eeje hard.

Its one of those times when you wanna pull your hair out in frustration. I'm sure you'll agree stuff like this happens to a lot of us, a lot of times.

Say you are walking your dog. and then you catch this good looking guy or girl looking down the apartment window n right at you. You're just about to fly without wings when your dog starts revolving in crazy little circles n poops! a lot! right then n there! damn!
& next thing you know, there's no face behind that window anymore... :(

Pissing off isn't it? that whenever you trip & fall down embarrassingly, there are always some people looking!
(and psst! where are these people when I'm sashaying around in my 4 inch stilettos, as if I was born on heels!)

Ladies, isn't it funny that you're boyfriend decides he wants to meet you on the exact same day you were thinking "man! I gotta go get my arms waxed"!

Remember one super rare occasion when you did manage to get to class, and the teacher just didnt take attendance? remember you going "what the fuck!!"?
the funny bit is, each time you miss class due to reasons however genuine, they just do not forget the "shh! answer your attendance now" drill.

Why is it that when you've just had a painful break up, you're family members decide its time to go out for some quality time!! i mean at that moment all you want is your space! and come on, all these years they hardly noticed you ricocheting off the walls due to hyper enthusiasm at the thought of an "impromptu family get together" or that "weekend getaway to coorg"!

Whew... and the last straw is when you have been waiting for an extra special day - say someone's birthday, a long overdue reunion, a special photo shoot, a special anniversary first day of work- anything, and on the d-day this huge, ugly, zit shows up right in the middle of your face! don't you just feel like "where were you all these days bitch?? why today??"
What's worse, it makes no effort to get overshadowed by strands of hair or concealer or even that striking shade of lipstick!

well... what are you gonna do?
just gotta face it sometimes.
life, after all, is hard!

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