Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the new beginning which totally sucked!

And so, without having any idea of what i was signing up for, i had done it. felt like a hundred signatures; across my photographs and all. a couple of hours more of waiting in that very dead looking office and - voila! it was official.
i admit, it did feel nice telling people "electronics n communication.. first sem"
but for the rest of the freshers at ambedkar institute of technology, nearly 1 month of classes were over...

question: how was I ever gonna catch up? & find people like me and have a blast? ummm...

DAY 1: I'm pretty sure i must've screamed wen i entered "my classroom". ( it wasn't one.) i was also pretty sure no one noticed me walking into it n sitting down. wow.

the boys were very very quiet compared to their jain college or VIPS or anywhere else's counterparts... sigh! i mean "hello?? wake up people!"
and the girls were going on n on about "internals" and "gaalipata" n "uniform measurement" n things tat dint quite make sense to me.
the answer to question above: NEVVVVER!
and slowly, disappointment replaced each bit of enthusiasm in me. what followed was a series of lectures where ppl dint even attempt to defy the "maintain silently in the class i say" dialogues (check out the molestation of english here), some terrible lunches, and some of the most boring days of my life.

that weekend i was sadder than ever. I was sitting alone in purple haze, handcuffed, and my glass of whisky had fallen dramatically off the table. it was getting a little difficult breathe. i had a few electronics n calculus books in front of me. and then i saw the gaalipata girls from class, drinking tender coconut at a far end. "huh what the fuck??" and then i saw them. two people were coming towards me with something in their hands. it was a book. and it was blue.
and bang in the middle was written in red ink "0/25" - thrice over! next thing i knew they were dragging me away to some village... my cell phone slipped out of my pocket. i couldn't grab it! it was gone! my friends from school n college were sitting in the most comfortable couches n i was being taken away!
i was losing my mind. i saw a milestone. "JP club ----- 2 rms away." it said. it was now or never. with all the strength inside me, i tried to break free.

i felt a jolt!

uh-uh! no, i did not fall off the bed. ( 'cause that would be way too cliche, wudnnit? :P)
With cold, trembling hands i reached for my phone somewhere under my pillow n realised it was just 5 in the morning. thanking the heavens above, i went back to a couple of hours more of sleep.

And in any case, i had to go & live this nightmare again, starting 9 am.
Saturday was far, far away.


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