Sunday, August 24, 2008

24 hours ago...

i did not think I was gonna have the worst body ache of my life.
i did not imagine I'd have 34 bleeding cuts on my body.
it did not seem possible for drunk people to be climbing the hugest hills of Ramnagar.
i did not really believe that sometimes, some people are destined to meet each other.
.....or that an ordinary Indian three wheeler can accommodate 16 ppl & still move!
and 24 hours ago i definitely did not think that i was going to go out there n live the maddest day of my life.

And all it took for me to get up today morning n say "pinch me!" was cameras, camcorders, a lot of booze, and my best friends... (oh by the way, they're all gonna be famous soon n guess who'll have all 7 autographs? :P)
Each minute, each laugh out loud moment, each revelation & every photograph taken on 23rd august 2008, from 9 am to 9 pm, will be very close to my heart, forever.

If this post is making any sense to you, you were there with me.
If you weren't there with us, then i don't expect you to understand anything.

Guys, here's to the many more CRAZY outings yet to come.


  1. oh helllo!:)...luk who finally turned up!;):P
    n bout d post....sounds reeeeeeeelllllly interestin.....wt happnd? u ok na?

  2. ok uh? gr8, more like... :P

    nothing hapened.. talli hue the tats all... lol!

  3. its a fuckin month already!!! *amazed* ..


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